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Merri Ann Gonzalez was awarded the Breeder of Merit from AKC.

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Ch. Chato's Pierre Lapin (Bruiser) is about to be a daddy.
  His 2 litters are due on July 7th 2015.  Stay tuned for more details. 
Bruiser can be seen on the album page. 


The Chicago Mob!

What ever happened to them, where did they go, what did they do?
Did they come to your area?  Stick around to find out!


All three of these guys have new homes.  Salvatori went to the Upper Peninsula, and is busy collecting ticks for his new owners, and his NEW name is chato's Don't mess with Texas (Tex for short)  Vinnie, is now a NEW YORKER, he lives in a high rise, and sits on his daddies lap reading the Wall Street Journal (how droll!)  Johnny is Chato's Johnny Be Good.  He is so gorgeous his new owner is thinking about putting him in the ring.  Watch out for Johnny!!! He is now a Lincoln Park resident!

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Ch. Chato's Life's a Sandi Beach and Ch. Suma's Foo Man Chato's puppies

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Chato Kennel's Newest Member

Presenting - Chato's Moet Chandon Bubbles
She terrorizes a cat and a Golden Retriever.

    This is Bubbles she is the tiny puppy above.  She is grown up now, and she is living in Caledonia Michigan with Tammy and Ricardo Littrell.  She is graduating here from her obedience class.  Her New name is Mattie, and she is spoiled rotten.  Prior to that, she was just Rotten.  She has been with them for over a year now, and is recovering nicely from double juvenile cataract surgery.  Thanks to the generosity of the FBDCA Rescue League.  She has the BMW of lens implants.  At the time of this photo she had had her new lenses for about 5 or 6 months, and you can see that she is doing quite well with them. 

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