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(Ch. Chato's Rose Noir)
was bred to Ch. Chato's Pierre Lapin

Raven (CH. LeBull's Rant-N-Raven Chato) was bred to Ch. Evergreens Just Jack LeFox,
and her sister Marie (Chato's Cashmere Noir) (perfect spine) was bred to Ch. Chato's Johnny Be Good.

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Chato's Hell-On-Wheel's

She is a Ch. Suma's Foo Man Chato's daughter.  Shown about at one year of age. 

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Champion Suma's Foo Man Chato
(FAST EDDY) was bred to Champion Chato's Life's A Sandi Beach (SANDI litter sister to Ch. Chato's EDWINA RABBIT BOW at Florida Specialty, and Ch. Chato's incred a bully Mystic mother of  RWD at Kansas specialty, and Best of Opposite Sex at the Specialty in New York) and there are 3 New siblings to the puppies pictured here.  We have 3 NEW boys born 10/7/2001.  Two are beautiful stripey brindle, and one lovely cream boy. 

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CHATO'S HOT FUDGE N CARMEL SUNDAE - " Carmella ", is hot stuff all right!!!  We're looking for the perfect home for this 2 year old terrorist.  It must be dogless and catless -- She loves kids and people.  She has to be close to us ( that is, in the Chicago area ).   She is a sound bitch with an attitude.  Carmella was born February 6, 1997.   Sibling to Edwina Rabbit, Leeza, Sandi and Blocker.

UPDATE:  Carmie has a new home with two lovely ladies in Oak Park Illinois.  They have a fenced in yard "JUST HER SIZE"    She is the "Queen Bee" that she deserves to be after her harrowing experience with us in the Tornado in Siren Wisconsin last summer.  She lost her singleton puppy, and had to be spayed, but she is as happy as a "pig in poop" these days with her 2 new objects of affection, Sharon and her mother Ester. 



CH CHATO'S NICOLETTE DE EVA-HAN with her 1 puppy litter, Chato's It's Crystal Clear.  Crystal was born the end of August 1997, Daddy is Bruiser.  Grandmother/Grandson breeding.


Call 708-805-9333 and 715-349-5852

Life at Chato Kennel trying to cook over Frenchies that do not move.  The Boston Alpha bitch that keep's the bulldog and the Frenchies in line.

UPDATE:  Chato kennel lost both the Alpha Boston Bitch Penny to cancer, and the Bulldog  Chato who our kennel was named after to Old AGE this year.  Both will be greatly missed, and had enriched our lives immeasurably.  We will never forget either of them. 

Life at Chato Kennel

Life at Chato Kennel


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The Frenchie to me is the most adorable dog in the world. They are so special that to me there is nothing else (quite like them. I also feel that it takes a special kind of person to own one, and be happy with it. I have one Boston and one Bulldog, and the Frenchie seems to me to be dead center between them. That is in terms of health problems, energy level, and what appears to be intelligence. I say "appears" because in my experience it seems to before of a stubbornness rather than an intellect problem.

Health problems: There are a few that I like to mention to novice or potential Frenchie people. First there is the breathing thing( They could have elongated soft palate, stenosed nares which can hamper the Frenchies air exchange m a mechanical manner. When the Frenchie becomes over heated, or stressed out, (Being at a dog show that lie hates) or running back and forth with the kids, until he drops. What is really happening is that the excessive tissue at the back of the throat swells up with all the panting, and at the same time the saliva turns into a ball of foam, and all this comes together to actually shut off the dog's airway. If this is not corrected in a timely fashion, the dog can actually die. So when breeders mention breathing problems, were not "Kidding".

The Frenchie is bred down from the Bulldog, and in this sort of dwarfing process we have unfortunately created other anatomical problems i.e. luxating patella's, hemivertibrae, and the old bulldog already was prone to dysplasia, so and or all of these problems could be in your Frenchie. That is why it is important that you acquire your little bundle of joy from a breeder that x-rays their breeding stock. It is usually wise to purchase a puppy from breeders who show their own offspring. I say this because I would imagine it would be difficult to finish an animal that is limping around the ring, although I have seen it happen.

In addition there are Frenchies, and then there are Frenchies. There is the Bully type, This means more or less something that closely resembles the Bulldog, only smaller. This type has a huge head and very deep thick chest, tends to he shorter on leg, (and longer in ~ Then there is the Terrier type, This type is more like the Boston Terrier. Taller, less bone, that is smaller head, shorter back, narrower chest, not so deep. Both types are usually well muscled. What I have been seeing in the ring is something in between these two types.

One of the most important things for a prospective Frenchie person is - - Go see the litter. Go see where the puppy is coming from, Go see the environment he grew up in. shipping a Frenchie can be very traumatic. Le Hunk is one example of what can happen. He was a beautiful stud dog that died from being shipped. I had a bitch that was shipped back to me once that was maced in one of the airports that she was in. 1 had another dog that I shipped that was stressed (during the flight that he broke out in hives during the flight. Whenever possible, go to the breeder, and never buy from a pet shop, or breeders that sell to them.

Another thing about Frenchies is that they do not swim well . If they are the more BulIy variety especially. With the heavy heads, and chests, and short legs they struggle trying to keep their heads above water, but if in water over their heads for more than a few minutes they will sink to the bottom, and drown.

Another important point is that not all French Bulldogs love all other dogs. Every Frenchie that I have ever had, loves kids, and people. But not all get along with other animals. One should keep this in mind if you have other animals in the house.

It is also my opinion that Frenchies do not do well in a kennel situation. They will rub themselves on the sides of the crate out of boredom until they have sores en their backs or butts, the) need to be with people. They need lots of love and affection.

Frenchies make wonderful pets, and with a little extra care to make sure they are comfortable and safe they will give you many years of enjoyment.

Merri Ann Gonzalez
Park Forest Illinois 708-805-9333
Shell Lake Wisconsin 715-349-5852

E-mail me at

Member in good standing of the following:
French Bulldog Club Of America
Stone City Kennel Club
Chicago French Bulldog Rescue
Great Lakes French Bulldog Club