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Honey's girls, Shea, Maple and Danger

Here are some of our babies from Charlotte, Pepper, Honey, and Milo
Milo and Charlotte's son Taz
Pepper and Boss' baby Mia
Pepper and Boss' baby Leah
Paris and Taz
Buli and Pv's baby Tammy
Buli and PV's Tiger boy
Buli and PV's daughter Alexia
You can't tell mom!
Beryl, Simon and Honey's baby
The beautiful Honey!
The fabulous Peavine! ("PV")
Pepper and Sam's baby "Lauren"
Honey's baby Morgan
Stella, daughter of Milo and Mia
Stella, daughter of Milo and Mia


Stella, daughter of Milo and Mia


Graehm, son of Milo and Mia
Graehm, son of Milo and Mia


Graehm, son of Milo and Mia


Graehm, son of Milo and Mia


Peaches, daughter of Honey and Buli.

Marcy and Taz, we're Champions, now!


How do I love thee?
Let me count the ways,


I love you to the depth and breath of me,


Milo x Lauren, 4 weeks old Gwen and Gabe


Love you, too, Aunt Carolyn



Mamma Lauren, soon to return to the showring!



baby Logan, daughter of Buli (Ch. RB's Standing Ovation) and Honey
Logan, 9 months old, Miradon Juicy Couture is a treasure!
Ch. Miradon Must Possess

Gabe, son of Milo and Lauren at 7 months

Posey is Cody's sister and is a daughter
of Tanzy and Darrell
(Ch. Starhaven Longdown D'Artagnan)
Honey's son, Tanzy's litter brother Miradon  Morgan Says CD,RA,CGC,TDI aka
"Shrimp", with his owner Pat Lamonica in one of  his exciting performance
wins. Go Shrimp and Pat!
 Miradon  Morgan Says CD,RA,CGC,TDI
Pixie, Butter Bean and Dixie,  girls by Buli (Ch. RB's Standing
Ovation) out of Mia (Miradon Delectable  Curves), litter sister to Leah (Ch. Miradon You R Not The Boss Of Me).
We're a  yummy armful!
"I'm going for my driver's liscense next week!"
Onilio son  of Darrell x Leah (Ch. Starhaven Longdown Dartagnan x
Ch. Miradon You R  Not The Boss Of Me).

Lauren's babies, Gismo and Cleo

Onilio, sired by Ch. Starhaven Longdown Dartagnan and his mom is "Leah", Ch. Miradon You R Not The  Boss Of Me


(Ch. Starhaven Longdown Dartagnan x Ch. Miradon Must Possess)
with  his best buddy Cade

Monty and Cade, good night everyone!
Coco Shanel was part of Amy and Jonathan's beautiful wedding in the Florida Keys.
Coco is Milo and Mia's daughter and Stella's sister.

Jasmine and Darla, did someone say "lunch?"

Ch. Kobi's Victor x Ch. Miradon You R Not The Boss Of Me




Miradon Don't Rock The Boat, Duncan and Logan's son



   Adorable Andy lives with the Misamore family in Ga!



Pip Coachman  and Andy  Misamore, Stella's boys by Darrell


I'm just too cute



Posey, Duncan, Tyra and Monty's sister Lottie


Lottie, another beauty by Darrell out of Tanzy 



Julio is from the breeding of
Ch. Tinkertime's  Hotshot Shamus x Ch. Miradon Must Possess, "Tanzy". Tanzy is the mom of 5 AKC  Champions to date! 


Julio makes his home with Gelsys, Ken and Brie.
Brie is  getting ready for her agility debut!

I was blessed by a beautiful litter of puppies by Ch. Kobi's  Victor out of Leah, Ch. Miradon You R Not The Boss Of Me

Miradon Best Case Scenario (pointed)

From that litter comes the striking male Case, pictured here  at 6 months of age
Jasmine, pictured at 6 months of age

Miradon The Science Of Sexy (pointed)


Darla at 6 months, Ch. Miradon Divalicious
This is one of my favorite photos of  Case 
"Julio", Miradon Havana Nocturne, is pictured at 10 months old
Ch. Tinkertimes Hotshot Shamus x Ch. Miradon  Must Possess

"Julio" has 6 points, one major at 14 months old from Bred By  Exhibitor class!  Andres Rojas photo, thanks!
"Raven", Miradon Hissy Fit!!!, went to California in May 2010 to compete in the 5 specialties and all breed shows. In California she added both 5 and 4 point majors to boost her total to 11 points at 16 months old!
Miradon Egoiste
Ch. Atlantis' Pantomime x Apple Janoel Bitt  Box
Apple and Romie, Miradon Rome Beauty
Miradon Rome Beauty
Romie, Miradon Rome Beauty at 10 weeks
Brindle is beautiful

CH Miradon Shut Up And Dance
GCh. Bayhill Celebrate! x Miradon Kissa Lotta Frogs,"Lottie"
CH Miradon All Dolled Up, "Ivanka"
GCh. Bayhill Celebrate! x Ch. Miradon's Next Top Model, "Tyra"

"Martin", CH Miradon Holy Roller
Ch. Lebull's Fargo x Ch. Miradon Hissy Fit! "Raven"


"Keon", CH Miradon Fire N' Brimstone, 11 wks
Ch. Lebull's Fargo x Ch. Miradon Hissy Fit!!!, "Raven"


"JJ", Miradon Rocket Science at 5 months old. GCH Miradon Celebration At Lwolfranch x CH Miradon The Science oF Sexy

"Marc" is pictured at 5 months of age. GCH Bayhill Celebrate! x CH Miradon Hissy Fit!!!


Miradon Pony Up! At Lwolfranch, GCH Bayhill Celebrate! x CH Miradon Hissy Fit!!!

 GCH Lionheart's Can't Touch This x CH Miradon Pardon My French
winning the puppy group. Loved by his mom Whitney in Ct.

Dion makes his new home in Naples

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