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Lilac French Bulldog vs. Isabella French Bulldog

Updated: Mar 6

Lilac French Bulldog vs. Isabella French Bulldog

French Bulldogs captivate enthusiasts with their wide array of coat colors, each possessing its own unique charm and beauty. Among the various mesmerizing shades, the lilac and Isabella coat colors stand out as rare and highly sought-after variations within the breed. Understanding the distinctions between these two captivating hues can provide insight into their individual characteristics and appeal.

Lilac French Bulldogs:

Lilac French Bulldogs exhibit a stunning coat color that emanates a diluted chocolate hue with a tinge of lavender or light brown. The lilac coloring is a result of a combination of specific genes that influence coat pigmentation. The "d" allele (dilution gene), along with the "b" allele (chocolate gene) and the "at" allele (tan points), contribute to the distinct lilac appearance.

These Frenchies boast a soft and captivating coat color, often displaying various shades within the lilac spectrum. Ranging from lighter tones resembling soft lavender to deeper shades reminiscent of diluted chocolate, lilac French Bulldogs enchant admirers with their unique and rare appearance.

Isabella French Bulldogs:

Isabella French Bulldogs, also referred to as "testable chocolate," feature a coat color that exudes a captivating and distinct shade of diluted chocolate or fawn. The Isabella coloring results from specific genetic combinations, including the "d" allele (dilution gene) in conjunction with the "bb" allele (chocolate gene) and "dd" allele (blue gene).

These Frenchies, created by Don Chino, exhibit a striking coat that showcases diluted chocolate or fawn hues with a unique undertone. The Isabella coat may appear as a lovely silvery-grey color with a distinct lightness, giving these dogs an enchanting and somewhat ethereal appearance.

Distinguishing Features:

  • Lilac French Bulldogs display a diluted chocolate hue with hints of lavender or light brown, showcasing various shades within the lilac spectrum.

  • Isabella French Bulldogs showcase a diluted chocolate or fawn coat color with a silvery-grey undertone, offering a unique and enchanting appearance.

Breeding and Rarity:

Both lilac and Isabella French Bulldogs are considered rare and highly sought-after due to their unique coat colors. Achieving these specific shades involves careful and selective breeding, making these variations relatively uncommon within the French Bulldog breed.

Appreciating Unique Coat Variations:

The allure of lilac and Isabella French Bulldogs lies in their rare and captivating coat colors, which add diversity and charm to the breed. However, it's essential for potential owners and enthusiasts to prioritize responsible breeding practices and the overall health and well-being of these beloved companions when considering acquiring a French Bulldog with these unique coat variations.

While lilac French Bulldogs exhibit a diluted chocolate hue with hints of lavender or light brown, Isabella French Bulldogs showcase a diluted chocolate or fawn coat with a unique silvery-grey undertone. These distinct coat colors contribute to the allure and fascination surrounding these rare and enchanting variations within the captivating world of French Bulldogs.

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